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Modern House Signs UK

These stylish and sleek modern house signs fit seamlessly onto the exterior of many properties. The modern aesthetic means that it doesn’t appear bulky on the outside of the property but is easy for visitors and delivery drivers to see the number or name of the property with ease.

Our contemporary house signs and plaques come in various sizes to choose from; your floating house sign can make a bold or subtle appearance on the side of your property. These contemporary modern house signs are available in different shapes, including circular, rectangular (horizontal and vertical) and square.

Our modern house signs are easy to fit the exterior of your property so that you can have your new sign attached to your wall in no time. Despite our affordable prices, we haven’t compromised on the quality of any of our modern house signs, allowing all home and property owners the opportunity to install a bespoke acrylic floating house sign.

Personalised Contemporary House Signs

Our modern and contemporary house number signs are the perfect addition to the front of your home. A personalised acrylic floating house sign, whether it has the number of the property or the unique name, brings more character to a property and shows it more as a home, as opposed to just a building. With our range of modern house signs, you can ensure that the property’s number is showcased, plus there is the option to add the name of the house or even the road name for a custom-made touch.

All our modern house number signs can be fitted to any part of your property, so you can choose where it will look best on your house. Every floating acrylic house sign is made to perfection and designed to the last detail. Not only does the finished product look professional, but it also will stand out on your property.

Our modern house number signs are not only personalised by the number or name of the property, but you can also choose the acrylic finish. These signs have been carefully made in the UK with standoff fixings. These allow the house sign to appear as though it is floating off the wall. This effect makes the floating acrylic house sign stand out from others that stick to the wall. What’s more, this floating appearance complements modern properties seamlessly.

Modern Acrylic Floating House Signs

With there being so many different house signs online to choose from in our collection, you must browse our floating acrylic house sign range to find the one that tells visitors something about the people who live in the property as where you live. Our modern house number signs allow you to add your personal touch to a unique product. Additionally, our entire range is made from durable materials, so not only do they look great, but they will last a long time through different weather conditions.

If you want more information about our modern house signs UK, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and helpful team at House Signs Direct today.

Modern Floating House Signs FAQs

Do you sell other styles of house signs for properties?

In addition to selling house number plaques and signs, we also provide our customers with the choice to purchase wheelie bin numbers and bedroom door signs. The wheelie bin numbers are beneficial as it allows the bin men to know where to return the wheelie bin after they have emptied it.

Can I Customise and Personalise Floating House Signs?

At House Signs Direct, all our products are customisable, so property and homeowners can add their personal touch to their property. From choosing the style of the print, the type of material and even the message on notice and bedroom signs, you can create the perfect house sign for your home or property. If you can’t find a design in our range that appeals to you or you would like more information about our personalised options, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team.

Are Floating House Signs Weather Resistant?

Our door signs are excellent against even the strongest weather conditions, including our acrylic and aluminium, metal, and frosted house signs. Our slate house signs age perfectly and can also withstand bad weather conditions. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about your door signs being damaged in a storm, snow or bleached by the sun.